Social and Environmental Responsibility


Our daily operations impact the world. We therefore pay attention to look after our people and our environment. At Venergy Maritime, we have a set of sustainability principles as follows, that go alongside our values and are grounded on everything we believe and do.


In harmony with our core values we strive to do everything in our power to increase our operational efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint, both onshore and at sea. We always function with the outmost respect for our environment and ecosystem, by staying committed to continual improvement, as well as adherence and application of first-class standards with regards to technical maintenance and operations of our fleet. We also help bolster an environmentally friendly philosophy in our team, by raising awareness, a spirit of safety, and inspiring our employees to develop simple habits that will lead to an ethical and sustainable future.


For our business, the ability to achieve maximum energy efficiency, both on and offshore, is of top priorities. We agree on demanding yet aspiring energy consumption targets, which exceed the industry’s requirements and international standards, yet always recognizing and limiting our environmental and energy implications on everything we do.


Our commitment to technology is embodied on our extensive supply chain operations. We take pride in what we do, along with our partners, in designing, developing and implementing exemplary technological platforms, that deliver adept solutions. We invest in the efficiency of our fleet, the safety of our seafarers and workers, and finally the rigid adherence to environmental laws and regulations.


Our social responsibility is an integral part of our business and culture. We support our communities and the society by promoting innovation, building strong relationships with our shareholders and investing in the future.

At Venergy Maritime, we do not tolerate any methods of discrimination. We promote fairness in our group and equality of opportunities. We always advocate transparent and ethical behavior, with high integrity and standards of governance, ingrained in our daily operations. We always stand by our people and defend their human rights, ensuring that our activities do not breach them anywhere, anytime.