Social and Environmental Responsibility


We fully recognize the ways in which our daily operations impact the world, which is why we prioritize the care of both our people and the environment. To ensure this prioritization by every member of our team, we have put a set of principles into place that are in line with our values and act as a beacon for our daily actions and decision – making processes.


In line with our core values, we strive to increase our operational efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint, both onshore and at sea. We carry out each aspect of our work with the outmost respect for the natural environment, our and strive for constant improvement, following first-class standards with regards to technical maintenance and the operations of our fleet.

Finally, we foster an environmentally friendly philosophy internally, by raising awareness about the current international environmental crisis and encouraging our employees to develop simple daily habits that will ultimately contribute to an ethical and sustainable future.


Achieving maximum energy efficiency, both on and offshore, is one of our top priorities. We have set demanding energy consumption targets, which exceed the industry’s requirements and international standards.


Our commitment to technology is embodied on our extensive supply chain operations. We take pride in what we do, along with our partners, in designing, developing and implementing exemplary technological platforms, that deliver adept solutions. We invest in the efficiency of our fleet, the safety of our seafarers and workers, and finally the rigid adherence to environmental laws and regulations.


Our social responsibility is an integral part of our business culture. We support the local communities in which we operate, by offering job opportunities and creating a hub for innovation and impactful investing.

We have created a workplace which is grounded on equal job opportunities, transparency and ethical behavior. High standards of governance are engrained into every level of our workforce, guaranteeing that each and every one of our employees’ rights are effectively protected. We do not tolerate discrimination of any sort and require that our partners do the same.